Our Promise...


We go the extra mile to source quality and freshness. Our commitment entails our sourcing, procurement and handling post receipt of your order. This would mean the end to the storing of perishable items for days until they get bought up.


Providing you with a variety, We encourage you to stray from the regular retail cuts you would normally settle for and be a little adventurous with other off-cuts which would surprise you. In addition, we aim to cater to different budgets with differing grades of meats to choose from.


We strive to build lasting relationships, beyond the first order. Exceptional service to us is of utmost importance and we wouldn't have it any other way. We will be accountable for our products and services and as much as we are able to, seek better ways to improve your experience and we would love to hear from you !

Our Mission...


With every dollar Gourmand Ground makes, we allocate a portion of this amount aside for members of our community who are less privileged or those who may never get the chance to experience what we may take for granted. We’d like to bring a smile and the experience to them.

In our bid to be eco-friendly, we avoid using plastic and other non-degradable products. Instead, we use alternatives made from paper, starch and other eco-friendly materials.

We are also thinking of other meaningful initiatives on how we could give back and and bring a smile to someone else.

“We aren’t able to make a huge impact but we will do what we can to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, made possible through your support.”



Array of meats from different regions of different grading for every budget and appetite - naturally tender and flavourful meats that will excite your palate!


Finest seafood choices for that perfect grilling experience - ordered and prepared upon your request ensuring quality each time!


Fresh and crisp salads to accompany every BBQ - tossed and dressed for enhanced flavour, the perfect start before any grill session!


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