Every purchase with Gourmand Ground would see a portion being set aside for underprivileged members of our society. Help us bring the experience to them!

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Gourmand Ground started with a simple idea – to bring a premium gourmet experience to everyone, at an affordable price. Most premium experiences carry an exorbitant mark up to them, either with the price of the items, the service, or both. We believe in doing things differently. Premium food does not have to come with a premium price tag. In other words, we are removing the pretentiousness from premium. Take our name “Gourmand” for instance. That name is where the pretentiousness starts and ends for us.


From our simple idea, we developed a philosophy to bring life to it. Our philosophy rests on the four pillars of choice, quality, affordability, and excellent service.


What makes Singapore such a food paradise is the sheer amount of choice available. We aim to replicate that level of choice with our offerings, beyond what is commonly available. We offer various cuts of meat from a variety of grades, to suit every palate and price range. We hope to provide customers with the basic provisions and at the same time, make available, indulgent picking options should they wish to pamper their taste buds.

“What makes Singapore such a food paradise is the sheer amount of choice available. We aim to replicate that level of choice with our offerings, beyond what is commonly available. “

When it comes to quality, we make no compromise. Here at Gourmand Ground, we understand that a large part of quality comes down to freshness. This is why we require ample lead time on all orders. In tandem with our first pillar of choice, this lead time will ensure we can source, process and prepare your order, without compromising on choice or quality. It’s not about ordering what we have. It’s about ordering what you want.


We also believe in providing excellent service to our customers. We believe in providing an experience in which we ourselves would be contented with, nothing less. To that end, we strive to provide excellent and timely service to all our customers, and to ensure everyone is as happy with us, as we are with them. We hope our efforts would show through in the food we deliver and the service we render while we learn and grow to build a more lasting experience for you !


The 3 faces of Gourmand Ground:

1. Gourmand Grill
There is no better way to keep up with friends and family than over a grill. Skip the hassel of embarking on the tedious process of procuring, prepping and cooking for your guests while balancing entertainment and making sure everyone is being looked after.

The fundamental part of a BBQ is the communal experience, not just with cooking the food, but with preparing it too. Gourmand Grill provides BBQ services for both family and corporate clients, be it for a small get together or a large cohesion event. What sets us apart is our strong belief in this communal aspect of barbecuing.

A true communal experience includes cooking large portions of meat over a grill, and having everyone dig in together. We all know the drill – one or two people standing over the grill as they cook small pieces of meat and dumping them onto trays for whoever to come pick at them. The meat gets left outside,  gets cold and hard as time pass and eventually gets neglected for newer batches of meats. This is far from a communal BBQ experience. It is simply an open air buffet. That is why we choose to have entire slabs of meats over the grill, instead of small individual portions. This allows for more people to cook together and to eat together without the need to go through several rounds of grilling. This also allows us to better provide quality variety of cuts which would not be available in small serving sizes.

2. Gourmand Home (coming soon!)
Gourmand Home is a food home delivery service which aims to allow households to experience and enjoy various meats and seafood in various cuts without having to wrestle through a market just to get the freshest catch. We aim to provide
cuts of meat not typically found in your supermarkets These meats are usually portioned to industry standard sizes, but since all orders are prepared individually and fresh, requests can be made for specific needs and requirements.

3. Gourmand Cares
Gourmand Cares is a charity initiative aimed at giving the gift of BBQ back to the community. We truly believe in the communal aspect of BBQ, and not everyone is fortunate to experience BBQ the way it should be experienced. Hence, we hope started an initiative to allow the underprivileged to experience a true communal BBQ experience through us, as well as to get a taste of the premium meats on offer they otherwise would not get to try. A portion of every purchase
made through Gourmand Ground will go towards this initiative, and we aim to drive at least one such charity BBQ event a month, to give back to the community in our own way.

We are continuously finding meaningful ways in which we can give back to the community and make an impact while we’re at it and we thank you for being a part of that  experience.

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