Helping Hand

-Opt for an all-in, Hassel Free Grill services-

Helping Hand

Over and above our range of meats and seafood offerings, we provide a one stop, hassel free bbq service for your events or get togethers.

Instead of having to worry about ice, coal or cutlery, leave it to us to handle your bbq needs.

The base charge is a flat fee for the bbq services which include, trimming the meats to prep it for the grill, delivery, setting up and cooking of food items. As part of our value added services to our customers, we can also provide you with a table grill so you won't have to worry about sourcing or renting one. This only applies to bbq held at private locations. The national parks does not permit private pits to be brought and utilised at public venues.

The variable component of the fee is channeled towards the coal, equipment, condiments cutlery, and other disposables needed for your bbq night. These are spendings which you would have to incur to make a bbq night happen just that we handle it for you !

So if you would like to enjoy your gathering and have a worry-free night, consider engaging our services and let us take it from there.

Our Service package includes provision and supply of :

[GRILL & EQUIPMENT] : Charcoal Grill* | Fire Starter | Tongs | Spatula | Brushes | Skewers | Baskets | Grill Light | Fire Extinguisher *

[GRILL ACCESSORIES] : Ice | Cooler | Drinks | Serving Platters | Trays | Foil | Butcher Paper | Napkins | Trash Bag | Table Cloth | Plates/Bowls | Cups | Salt/Pepper Shakers | Bottle Opener |Spoon/Fork |

[GRUB COMPLEMENTS] : Condiments | Oil/Butter |

 * Charcoal Grill is not permitted in public grill areas.

* Fire Extinguisher is available in the event of an emergency. 

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